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• Every U.S. radio station is a complimentary CMA member through March 1, so this is a reminder to grab your share of free research with CMA Insiders, a proprietary Country Music Consumer panel.
• This research was conducted via online survey during November 2012 and resulted in a total sample base of 485 respondents.

You’ll want to budget for a CMA membership in 2013 so you can continue to access this great resource in the coming year!

• This holiday season, the percentage of Country Music Consumers shopping at online retailers, 83%, was nearly equivalent to the 93% who indicated they would be shopping at brick and mortar retailers.

• Country Music Consumers are more likely to buy and give, rather than receive, the gift of Country Music this holiday season.   Overall, males between the age of 18 to 49 are more likely to expect to give, and receive, Country Music gifts.

• Toys, clothing/shoes and CDs/DVDs are top gift-spending categories among Country Music Consumers this season.


Make holiday memories with your favorite Country stars as host Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland is joined on ABC-TV by The Band Perry, Dierks Bentley, Colbie Caillat, Katherine Jenkins, Lady Antebellum, John Legend, Little Big Town, Martina McBride, Scotty McCreery and Keith Urban.

The night will be full of amazing performances and shared memories. Find out what Christmas was like in Australia for Keith Urban, the outrageous Christmas gift The Band Perry received when they were kids, what Jennifer Nettles expects with a new addition to her family. 

You can also text CHRISTMAS to 66937 for a show reminder sent right to your phone.  

Share your comments with @CountryMusic tonight on Twitter using hashtag #CMAChristmas.

Nettles announced the new benefit theme at the CMA Country Christmas press event.  Nashville Country Club was there with a video camera on hand (click to watch it).

As part of its ongoing research and membership services initiatives, the Country Music Association just announced results from its recent Music Listening Study (click to read the complete press release).

Country Music fans are avid radio listeners and doing as much radio listening as ever.  Compared to a year ago, 87 percent of respondents are listening to local Country Radio stations as much or more, with 18-24 year olds being twice as likely to listen to more Country Music than the prior year, driven largely by the appeal of new music genres.

Loyalty is a top influencer for choosing Country Radio as evidenced by 75 percent of listeners reporting they have been listening to the same station for years. 

While AM/FM car radio is the top source Country Music fans tap for music listening, fans are also fueling their passion for music online as well.

Every country radio station has a complimentary membership for 2012, thanks to CMA, so be sure to go online and grab this free information and if it raises any questions, any of the A&O team would love to talk with you about it.

“… If it isn’t, we don’t put it on the air. ” – Lisa McKay, station manager of Curtis Media‘s WQDR, Raleigh/Durham (Large Market Radio Station of the Year)

WQDR’s “Award Winners’ Share Success Strategies” as told in February-March CMA Closeup Magazine to writer Brad Schmitt:

It’s all about connection to the audience and the three M’s: music, morning show and marketing.

Twice a year we run TV campaigns with 300 grps a week to talk about the radio station and to cement our relationship with current listeners as well as to get listeners from the AC (adult contemporary) and pop radio station.

We pre-produce a tremendous amount. We do a lot of re-purposing for the things we think are really good to recycle them later in the day.

We’ll tape artist interviews days in advance and run short segments in the morning show. We always look for something that’s a hot button for our listeners, whether it’s gas or money or experiences they can’t get anywhere else. everything we do is listener-focused. I think that, in a nutshell, is how we won.

(The internet has) given us a new revenue stream for selling ads and sponsorships on the Web page. But it all goes back to making your listeners feel connected and that they’re the stars.

Every last one of our personalities, even our part-time ones, is an administrator. Anytime anything happens that we find qDR-worthy, we’ll pop it up on our Facebook page.

Part of the station’s personality is being well-rounded. To connect with listeners, you need to connect with what’s important to them — and that’s children and homeless animals and people who have fallen into bad times. Whatever is local to the community needs to be addressed on the air.

We do a fundraiser for our children’s hospital (for just one example). We broadcast live all day and we put on a pretty large concert, which usually generates about $100,000 for this particular hospital. We’ve been doing it for 10 years. It’s a really big deal.

We also do our own Christmas wish program. It’s actually our Christmas present to each other. We never exchange gifts because we allow our listeners to nominate families in need. Then we post the information on the website, enough so that people can connect with them and either feel better that their life isn’t so bad or actually reach out and make a difference to somebody in a real way. A lot of times, it’s a family whose house burned down and they need a kitchen table. every radio station has a listener with an extra kitchen table, so it’s a really neat way for listeners to connect with each other through the station.

Even if the person can’t give anything, at least they can say a prayer for the kids. People want to make a difference, whether it’s with money or with their thoughts.

We focus a lot on our community and what’s going on in our town. Of course, we hit the national pop culture stories too, but we’re very locally focused, very interactive with our listeners whether on the phone or online.

Once a week, the Humane Society comes in with a new pet. We take a video, put it up on the website and Facebook page and we talk about it.

And, we have a 100 percent adoption rate! Every week, that critter gets adopted.

I feel like the percentage of listeners who call you is so small. With social media, they’re more comfortable talking with you online. even people who just kind of listen to us will take time to look at our Facebook page, to see our pictures, to make a comment and to like us.

And, the fact that we interact back creates a stronger bond; it makes them more likely to become our P1s.

Scotty Cox and Carissa Loethen of KCLR, Columbia. (Small Market Broadcast Personality of the Year) to Brad Schmitt in CMA CloseUp

CMA’s commitment to Country radio is long and enduring, dating back to the origins of the Association and continuing through today.

This year, CMA takes that commitment to a new level with exclusive content, promotions, research tools and more. It’s possible that your membership credentials arrived too late for you to see a copy of February-March CMA Closeup Magazine.

If that’s the case, I hope you’ll enjoy this quick reprise of quotes from a terrific two page article by Brad Schmitt with insights from the CMA Broadcast Award winners on what it takes to score a national award which I plan to reprise here this week, starting with:

I think radio should try to make ‘em happy, make ‘em cry, make ‘em mad, make ‘em sigh. We just try to get emotions out of them, make them passionate, get them to show up for your causes, get them to show up at your events and do things on the air that inspire reaction. Get them to
call in with their comments. Make radio valuable. Give them what Pandora can’t give them. Give them what the Internet can’t give them. Give them all these great options they can’t find anywhere else.

Do things on the air that will inspire reaction. We have an open mic segment twice every morning. They call in and we don’t interfere, but we’ll throw in sound effects and clips. They can rip us, they can argue with us, they can call in and congratulate us on a CMA win.

They can do whatever, and we try to keep it entertaining. Make it a radio blog! Let them know they’re welcome to be a part of it, participate in it and have fun.

Chris Carr of “Chris Carr & Company,” WUBE, Cincinnati, Ohio (Large Market Broadcast Personality of the Year)