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As debut years go, Bates has had a terrific one. “2012 was an amazing year for me,” he says. 

“It was probably the best year of my life. I can’t say enough about how excited I am for “Did It For The Girl”. It went top 5 this year. And just looking ahead to 2013, its gonna be a lot of fun to go out and play this song and have people sing it back to me. This year was amazing. I got to go on my first tour with Brantley Gilbert. It’s been an absolutely perfect year for me and I’m just, I’m in a really good place heading into 2013.” 

One thing Greg is looking forward to in 2013 is releasing his debut album to get even more music out to his fans.


When you spend as much time on the road as Bates (click to hear audio) does, promoting his song “Did It for the Girl” and touring with Brantley Gilbert on the Hell on Wheels Tour, there are certain things that become must have items. 

Greg says for him, it’s gum. “I’m a huge gum fanatic. And I always have to have… I’ll make ‘em stop four, five times during a week when we’re out just to like, I’m out of gum, guys.'”

And it doesn’t have to be any certain kind. “Just whatever I can find at the time,” says Greg. “I mean, I’m not picky about it.”

Bates, who has his first top 20 hit on his hands with “Did It for the Girl,” has a strange pet peeve and he blames his mom for it.

Greg explains, “When I was a kid, my mom’s biggest pet peeve was when you pull into the parking lot at a grocery store, and people have left their carts out in the parking spaces, she would always make us as kids go grab them and bring them in. So, to this day when I pull into a grocery store parking lot and I see a buggy sitting out in the parking lot, outside of the little gated area that they have for you, it just drives me nuts and I don’t know why… I can’t seem to be okay with carts being left out.”  

Coincidentally, when Greg was a teenager he worked at Target one summer and his job was to wrangle the carts in the parking lot, which of course he loved.  “I was the cart guy outside and loved it! It was amazing! I basically got to move carts around all day!”

The NFL pre-season is already underway and college football officially kicks off on August 30th, and

Greg Bates is definitely excited about it all.  “I’m such a huge sports fanatic.  I love ESPN… I grew up playing baseball and basketball and I’ve missed one home Titans game since they’ve been in Nashville.” 

Naturally with his song “Did It for the Girl” climbing up the charts and with him getting ready to go on tour with Brantley Gilbert this fall, Greg is a lot busier this year than he’s ever been and he knows he’ll probably miss a lot more games, but he says, “The Titans are probably my favorite football team. I’m a big Tennessee Vols fan when it comes to college.”  So he’ll probably find a way to catch a few games when he‟s out on the road.